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About Alain

I learned to cook from my mother, growing up in Morocco. We moved to Spain, and later I immigrated to Paris then Montreal. When I landed in the Bay Area, I knew I was home.


Although I have done many other things, my love of cooking – and the influence of my childhood never left me. When I finally took formal cooking classes, I found my passion in desserts, and later, pastries - in particular, French pastries.


The more I baked, the more I appreciated the distinct and particular flavors of truly high quality ingredients – good butter, organic eggs, fine chocolate - and for each new ingredient, I always sought out the best.


I honed my craft doing 10,000 desserts at a time – from scratch – using artisanal methods –  for formal events, and later perfected my skills baking for small scale private parties, weddings and showers. (end sentence, or else it’s a run-on) Focusing on flavor, ingredients, and imagination, I want the first bite of every cake, pastry or sweet to be memorable – one that will be remembered and returned to.


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