About Alain

I learned to cook from my mother, growing up in Morocco. We moved to Spain, and later I immigrated to Paris then Montreal. When I landed in the Bay Area, I knew I was home.


Although I have done many other things, my love of cooking – and the influence of my childhood never left me. When I finally took formal cooking classes, I found my passion in desserts, and later, pastries - in particular, French pastries.


The more I baked, the more I appreciated the distinct and particular flavors of truly high quality ingredients – good butter, organic eggs, fine chocolate - and for each new ingredient, I always sought out the best.


I honed my craft doing 10,000 desserts at a time – from scratch – using artisanal methods –  for formal events, and later perfected my skills baking for small scale private parties, weddings and showers. (end sentence, or else it’s a run-on) Focusing on flavor, ingredients, and imagination, I want the first bite of every cake, pastry or sweet to be memorable – one that will be remembered and returned to.


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What is La Noisette Sweets?



La Noisette Sweets is the product of Alain Shocron’s North African and European childhood.


His pastries, cakes and breads are the culmination of the memories from his 

youth, professional experiences as a pastry chef, and personal fascination with the perfection and nuances of flavor.



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